Estates and Trusts

Trusts and EstatesEstate planning does not have to invoke feelings of anxiety! Estate planning is a process of identifying assets and beneficiaries then determining how those assets will be distributed upon the death of their owner. The estate plan needs of today’s American Family no longer resembles your grandparent’s estate plan. The fabric of America’s quilt is now woven with blended families, children from previous marriages, children with special needs, unmarried domestic partners, etc. Skyrocketing healthcare costs and an increasingly complicated tax code makes it necessary for an individual who owns assets to have an estate plan. Having a proper estate plan (Wills and/or Trusts) is the only way to speak from the grave and have your intentions carried out for the benefit of those who depend on you for financial support.

We will support individuals, families and business owners in establishing proper legal documents with your attorney or one we refer you to. We will work in tandem with your CPA and attorney to make sure that your accounts and assets are properly titled, beneficiaries are named and up-to-date, etc. We do this on an annual review to make sure that your plan is current based on life events that naturally occur over time. We are your accountability partners to make sure procrastination doesn’t set in and your legal documents match today’s intentions.

Trusts come in many varieties to serve specific needs and goals. Today’s global economy and volatile markets create challenges for trustees who are tasked with driving growth, preserving capital, and managing the ever-present sting of taxes and expenses in trust-owned portfolios. We aim to assist trustees with tax deferral, income control and diversified investment options.

From simple Wills to sophisticated Trusts – we will be supportive advisors, with the goal of time sensitivity and economic efficiency to you and your estate.