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30 Aug
Don't Worry, Retire Happy


A successful retirement is going to depend on our answers to these 2 questions:
number guaranteed lifetime income do we have?
1️⃣How much guaranteed lifetime income do we have?
2️⃣Have we taken the key risks off the table?
With retirement we're dealing with:
✅ Market risk
✅ Order of return risk
✅ Withdrawal rate risk
✅ Inflation
✅ Deflation
✅ We may need long-term care
✅ We may die… To name a few!
But the #1 risk in retirement - is LONGEVITY RISK.
Why? Because longevity isn’t just a risk. It’s a risk multiplier of ALL THE OTHER RISKS.

Date and Time

Wed, Aug 30, 2023

8:00p - 9:00p EST




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