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27 July
Get Your $h!t Together Workshop (Hybrid)


"$H!T" stands for "Savings, Housing, Income and Taxes"

This is a 3-4 hour personal finance workshop for women who have a goal of expanding their foundational knowledge of financials, with a desire to share resources to help participants gain confidence, learn tips and strategies to be all they can be financially.

This class will focus on the importance of:

- having a 6-month cushion and how to accomplish that diversified saving/investing outside of illiquid retirement accounts;

- maintaining a750+ credit score at all times and how to rapidly repair credit;

- the importance of well-documented income (think lending and social security credits);

- appropriate housing choices (when to rent vs. when to buy);

- how to be in an independent financial position to buy, finance, refinance anything personal tax basics and how to maximize personal tax efficiency;

Many of us encounter family, clients and friends who simply need help reinforcing their foundational confidence, knowledge and taking control of their finances.

We have reached a point in this economic cycle where many people have more month than money leftover and are reaching for credit cards or withdrawals from IRA's to close the gap.

Date and Time

Thu, Jul 27, 2023

6:30p - 10:00p EST


Wealth Management Resource Group

2000 Chapel View Blvd
Suite 215
Cranston , RI 02920
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